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Top 5 Go Karts Charlotte, NC

Go Karts Charlotte is a great way to have fun and spend time with family or friends. The best go-karts in Charlotte, NC, are discussed in this article, as are their prices, requirements, services, and reviews. Also, we’ll go over how to choose the best go-kart for your needs.

In Charlotte, there are go-kart tracks with a variety of games and activities, as well as those geared toward younger children and even those that are indoors. You’ll have a blast hurtling around these world-class facilities, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time racer.

So, are you looking for a fun and exciting family activity? Look no further than Charlotte go-karts! This is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Regardless of which track you choose, you’ll have a great time go-karting. So, start your engine and get ready to have some fun!

1- Victory Lane Karting

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Victory Lane indoor Karting is for you if you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind, fun, and reasonably priced indoor go karts Charlotte, NC. The racing karts are specially designed for competition, with extremely responsive handling and quick acceleration comparable to that of a high-priced racing vehicle.

There are three tracks at VLK. With its smoother surface, the blue high-speed track provides a fun challenge for everyone and is considered the most technically advanced of the three. the orange original race track with its curving turns and straightaways, and finally, the super track, which is a combination of the previous two tracks with over 20 turns but is only available on specific dates.

Youth racing is available to those who are at least 48″ tall and up to 15 years old, can handle a kart, and want to enjoy racing, regardless if they are beginners or experienced racers. The Sodi youth karts are designed for children and come with adjustable pedals, seats, and steering wheels. For adults, you must be at least 58″ tall.

The Honda GX 270 RH 9 HP non-governed racing kart engines power the Sodi adult karts, while youth karts run on 160-cc Honda engines with a hydraulic clutch and gearbox.

Besides go karting, this place offers VR, an arcade, axe throwing, and a full-service restaurant called Pit Road Bar & Grill.


Overall, they are highly rated on Google; check all reviews Victory Lane Karting.

Contact Info

2330 Tipton Dr, Charlotte, NC 28206



Saturday 10AM - 12AM
Sunday 10AM - 7PM
Monday 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday 11AM - 10PM
Wednesday 11AM - 10PM
Thursday 11AM - 10PM
Friday 11AM - 12AM

2- K1 Speed - Go Karts Charlotte

Located in Concord, NC, about 25 miles from Charlotte’s City Center and Concord Mills mall, K1 Speed is one of the most popular places for go karting. 

The Concord location is an indoor go-kart racing facility, and the karts are all electric, so if you are looking to have a fun night out with coworkers or race against friends and family, look no further.

The go-karts from K1 Speed are all-electric, professionally designed in Europe, and simple to operate. Unlike traditional gas-powered karts, electric karts accelerate effortlessly and quietly out of even the tightest corners. The karts also produce no exhaust fumes, creating an inviting atmosphere inside the facility.

Indoor tracks are smoothly graded, contain a complex and difficult mix of turns and straight sections that will give you a high challenge and allow for maximum cornering speed. The high-tech safety barriers guarantees safety of all racers.

You can always relax on their comfortable leather couches and grab a snack from the Pit Cafe.


Overall, they are highly rated on Google; check all reviews K1 Speed.

Contact Info

800 Derita Rd #K, Concord, NC 28027



Saturday 10AM - 12AM
Sunday 10AM - 10PM
Monday 12PM - 10PM
Tuesday 12PM - 10PM
Wednesday 12PM - 10PM
Thursday 12PM - 10PM
Friday 12PM - 12AM

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3- GoPro Motorplex

Located in Mooresville, NC, about a 25-mile drive from Charlotte, GoPro Motorplex is the only outdoor go karts in Charlotte, NC, that offers rentals. The track is 0.7 miles and 11 turns long, designed by industry professionals and modeled after Italy’s iconic and historic Kartdromo Parma track. Many professional drivers launched their careers on that track, such as Alonso, Hamilton, Patrese, Senna, Zanardi, and Raikkonen!

Rental karts have 13 horsepower, adjustable seats, and pedals, and can reach speeds up to 55 mph. To race on one of their rental karts, all drivers must be at least 16 years old. Drivers under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian sign the GoPro Motorplex Consent Form in person or have it notarized if they are unable to accompany the driver. Helmets and neck braces are included with race purchases and must be worn at all times while karting. Headsocks are required to be worn underneath rental helmets and are available for $5.

What is cool about this place is that they allow customers who own racing karts to practice and test there all year. Check prices GoPro Motorplex


Their average rating is 4.8 with over 900 reviews on Google; check reviews here 

Contact Info

130 Motorplex Dr, Mooresville, NC 28115



Saturday 9AM - 8PM
Sunday 12PM – 6PM
Monday 12PM - 8PM
Tuesday 9AM - 8PM
Wednesday 9AM - 8PM
Thursday 9AM - 8PM
Friday 9AM - 9PM

4- The Pit Indoor Kart Racing

Another amazing indoor go karts near Charlotte, NC, This 70,000-square-foot facility at The Pit is one of the country’s largest single indoor kart tracks. The track is just over a third of a mile long and features 20 challenging turns. Special consideration was given to the design so that it would challenge experienced racers while remaining enjoyable for beginners.

The 20-foot width all the way around the track distinguishes that indoor track from the rest. The front straightaway is 22 feet wide, allowing for exciting grid starts for group events. More track space means more passing, faster speeds, and a bigger adrenaline rush.

Each race is eight minutes. For adults, the minimum age is 16 years old, and you must be 48 inches or taller. For the youth karts, you must be 8–15 years old, and the minimum height is 48″.

The Pit Indoor Kart Racing has 20 Biz Evo 2 LeMans karts for adults and 10 Sodi karts for youth. These karts, capable of speeds exceeding 45 mph.

They also offer arcades, mini golf, a laser tag arena, and an axe pit. Check out their website to learn more about all the fun activities offered there.


Their average rating is 4.4 with over 1K reviews on Google; check reviews here 

Contact Info

346 E Plaza Dr, Mooresville, NC 28115



Saturday 11AM – 11PM
Sunday 1PM – 8PM
Monday 3PM – 9PM
Tuesday 3PM – 9PM
Wednesday 3PM – 9PM
Thursday 11AM – 9PM
Friday 11AM – 11PM

5- The Speedpark at Concord Mills

The Concord Mills Speedpark has four go-kart tracks:

1. Junior Racer Track: For small children 36-48″ tall and at least 3 years old for the kiddie karts.

2. Pro Track: Compete on the road course like a pro! For big kids and kids at heart. To drive on the Pro Track, you must be 54″ or taller.

3. Racers Track: Take on the Racer Track on this challenging and entertaining road course. 54”+. NEW! 48″-54″ can race on their own.

4. SuperSpeedWay: Race the NEW Super Karts or drive 2-seater go karts on the SuperSpeedWay Oval.

Besides go karts, they also offer 18-hole miniature golf, bungee jumping, spider webs, video games, and a party pavilion.


Their average rating is 4.3 with over 900 reviews on Google; check reviews here 

Contact Info

8461 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027



Saturday 10AM – 11PM
Sunday 12PM – 10PM
Monday 4PM – 10PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 4PM – 10PM
Thursday 4PM – 10PM
Friday 4PM – 10PM


1. Where can I ride go karts in Charlotte?

The best 5 go karts in Charlotte, NC are Victory Lane Karting, K1 Speed, GoPro MotorPlex, The Pit, and The Speedpark at Concord Mills

2. How long is a race at GoPro Motorplex?

The race at GoPro Motorplex is 10 minutes.



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